National Transitional Council’s UN Recognition

Last week, the UN general assembly passed a motion to allow the National Transitional Council to sit in for Libya for the next year. The motion came with acceptance and resistance after the Credentials Committee chose the emerging governing body after the civil war broke out in February. A deferrence came from Angola, representing the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), which questioned the transititonal authority in the region. The deferrence came with support from other African countries including Kenya, South Africa and Mali, and Latin American countries Cuba and Venezuela. The representative from Venezuela called the NTC “illegitimate”, and the representative from Cuba called NATO’s intervention “had been driven by self-interest and the economic concerns of powerful countries.” The vote of deferrence was 22 in favor, 107 against and 12 absentions.

In my opinion, the recognition of NTC is a temporary solution for the moment. The NTC identity is clearly trying to build up as a governing and self-sustained institution, but there is still so much uncertainity within the civil war. Qaddafi and his family are still at large and claiming power despite his crumbling appeareance and seriousness in reclaiming his position as an authoritarian leader of the People’s Republic. This recognition is a step in the right direction because there is now a voice within the UN realm on decisions and future resolutions concerning Libya. However, to me, it should be test-run for how they use this voice.




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