Algeria Statistics from the World Bank

Here are some graphs that I made using World Bank data (I personally did not like the graphs that their website generated). Please let me know if something needs clarification! I compared Algeria to the Arab World to see a comparison.

GDP of Algeria and Arab World

Pretty standard, like most of the Arab countries with natural resoruces, Algeria’s GDP is mostly a result of oil and mining exports (see below to fuel exports).

GDP Growth %

The Arab World and Algeria were also hit hard by the economic recession in 2008 (even with a decline in view), but they have managed to bounce back. Here is a map of Algeria’s exports from Wikipedia.

GNI per capita, PPP

Same idea as GDP.

Percentage of Total Merchandise Fuel Exports

I found this really interesting especially for Algeria (which seems to not have wavered over the decade). Although, when you consider the population, most consumption is most likely from urban cities. The desert tribes (for example, the Tuareg) rely on agriculture for sustinance.

Percentage of Unemployment of Algeria and Arab World

Again, a reflection of the recession.

Population of Algeria and Arab World

And here is a map detailing the spread of tribal population in Algeria, found from Wikipedia again:

I am currently writing an essay on the Tuareg for a summer course (although, I am focusing on Mali and Niger) so hopefully I can use some of the info to talk a bit more about them and other nomads in Algeria. I could not find a map with the spread of total population, hopefully in the next post I can find something concrete.


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