Qaddafi dead after sustaining wounds in airstrike

As I was watching Brooklyn News 12, waiting for the weather on the 2’s and sitting through some lame segment about running a coffee shop (no really, it was terrible journalism), at the bottom of the screen was “World News: Qaddafi dead near Sirte after NATO airstrike.” I was shocked! How is this not breaking? This is probably one of the biggest climaxes during the Arab Spring!

Reuters: Gaddafi killed as Libya’s revolt claims hometown

Guardian: Muammar Gaddafi is dead, NTC says

(This link features some cell phone pictures of him which I actually find quite distasteful…)

You can read the links that explain in detail how NTC officials found him and some bodyguards in an underground drain near Sirte, hiding out after his legs received wounds during a NATO airstrike. Afterwards, NTC flags were raised as a sign of victory over the new Libya.

In essence, the bad guy is gone, another one bites the dust, etc. etc., but as I have said in my previous post about NTC’s recognition by the UN, this is not the end for Libya’s chaotic state. The NTC still needs to establish a form of governance in the region, develop a system of political participation from the Libyan people and enact elections in the next couple of months. They do have a “roadmap” in place though to set guidelines for steps in the new government. The NTC cannot sustain as a long-standing representation of the country, and while time is necessary to create a democratic state, it doesn’t end here. I’m also not sure what NATO and the UN plan on doing in terms of “sticking around” but as long as there isn’t instability, there isn’t a need to police. Unlike other states that had “springs”, Libya was the first to experience death in the form of totalitarian finality.

While Qaddafi was irrelevant for some time now, this is a milestone for the country regardless. Time will tell whether or not the NTC can officiate their constitutional democratic state as promised, or if they will fall into a wormhole of promises and delays as the other states have. With support and recognition from foreign allies, the Libyan Republic can be realized.



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