Tunisia’s Business Friendly Message

Seeing as Ennahda has won majority of the votes in Tunisia, there has been much discussion around how Ennahda will govern Tunisia. Ennahda has said that they will be a progressive party and realize that with Tunisia’s current economic situation after the revolution needs to be addressed. Prior to the revolution, part of Tunisia’s economy relied on tourism, so it will be interesting to see if Ennahda will invest in a tourist industry.

This particular article addresses the stock market, and Ennahda says that the stock exchange is very important in addressing the unemployment and poverty situation in Tunisia. Therefore, investing in economic growth is one of the first problems to be tackled under the new government.

As noted before in previous articles, the elections were considered to be free and fair, and this particular article states that the elections were “applauded by Western monitors.” I think that regardless of the party that has won in Tunisia, this is a good start for the country as others look on. The only thing Tunisia can do at this point, along with the rest of the world, is to wait and see if Ennahda carries through with its promises.

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