Libya Demographics

On September 16, the UN recognizes the National Transitional Council as the legal representative of the country.

On October 20, Qaddafi is killed ending 42 years of repression.

Fourth largest country in Africa by area (1.8 million square kilometers) 90% of its territory is covered by the Sahara dessert.

Capital:  Tripoli

Official language:  Arabic

Currency:  Dinar ($1 USD=1.26 Dinar)

Arab Islamic Rule lasted from 642 to 1551

Ottoman Empire lasted from 1551 to 1911

Italian Colonial Era:  1911-1951

Independence from UK & France:  December 1951

Kingdom of Libya:  1951-1969

Lybia under Gaddafi : 1969-2011

National Transitional Council established in 2011

Est. Total population in 2011:  6.6M out of which 1.7 million live in Tripoli

Gross National Income per capita:  $17,068 USD

GDP per Capita:  $11,314 USD

GDP per capita (PPP) purchasing power parity: $14,000 USD money can buy – fourth highest per capita in Africa behind Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon (est 2010)

Human Development Index (HDI):   rank 53  out of 169-  Highest in Africa (2010 figures)

Health – Life expectancy at birth:  74.5 years

Education – Mean years of schooling (adults)  7.3 yrs

Adult literacy rate:  86.8 ranking 112 out of 179 (2009 figures)

Gender inequality index (0=equal): 0.5 –  (2008 figure)

9thth largest oil reserves in the world; and 17th highest petroleum production

-The Libyan economy depends primarily on revenues from the oil sector, which contribute about 95% of export earnings;  25% GDP;  and 80% of government revenue.  High revenues from the energy sector coupled with a small population give Libya one of the highest per capita GDPs in Africa, but little of this income flows down to the lower rank of society.   

-Climatic conditions and poor soils severely limit agricultural output, and Libya imports about 75% of its food. 

Exports – commodities:  crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas, chemicals

Imports – commodities:  machinery, semi-finished goods, food, transport equipment, consumer products.


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