Ennahda in Tunisia

As Ennahda has claimed the victory in Tunisia, there is much discussion around how they will govern the country. Though many fear this political success, Ennahda has continued to say that it will rule as a moderate Islamic Party. This article said that the party now wants to be referred to as an Islamic Party, because Islamist suggest theocracy in the eyes of the West. Leaders of Ennahda have stated that they will continue to champion a “…greater commitment to the principles of Western-style liberal democracy” and that they hope other Arab Spring countries will take note of this. Soumaya Ghannoushi, the spokeswomen for Ennahda, and the daughter of the party’s founder has said that, “Accepting each other, accepting pluralism, accepting diversity and trying to work together — this is the lesson Ennahda can give to other Islamic political movements…” As stated in an earlier post, pluralism and political freedoms should remain at the forefront of Tunisia. Since they are the first of the Arab Spring countries to hold elections, they will be used as an example for other governments.By focusing on free and fair elections, pluralism, and other political freedoms, it will help future elections if Ennahda proves to be an unsuccessful interim government. We should continue to focus on these things because Tunisia’s future rests on the ability to vote freely and fairly for other political parties.

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