Protesters Take to the University in Tunisia

With the October 23rd elections over, and Ennahda taking the win, Tunisia has still been experiencing outbursts of violence. Under Ben Ali Tunisia remained a secular state, but as the Islamists are gaining leverage, clashes have ensued. This particular article demonstrates the clashes as protesters at a University outside of Tunis protest over secular and Islamist identities. As previously noted, Ennahda said that it would ensure that Tunisia still maintained women’s rights, and secular freedoms, though as time has progressed, some of the fears of the secularists are coming true as Islamists are gaining ground and beginning to have a larger impact on the Tunisian society. Tunisia has recently declared that it will continue its state of emergency (<– click link to read more about it) as violence still shakes the country. It will be interesting to see after the constitution is drafted how the secularists and Islamists form or maintain any existing relationships. It is too soon to tell how Ennahda will effect the country, but seeing as clashes over the idea of an Islamist state have followed so quickly behind the elections suggests that many are not happy with its outcomes thus far.

click here to read the article about the protestors at Manouba University.


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