The 6th Caliphate – Tunisia

Hamadi Jbeli, the Secretary General of Ennahda has recently declared Tunisia to be the 6th Caliphate. Fears amont the secularists in Tunisia have risen as Jbeli said, “My brothers, you are at a historic moment … in a new cycle of civilization, God willing … We are in sixth caliphate, God willing.” – As Ennahda has continued to say that it will remain a moderate party, Jbeli’s statement have led many to believe that Ennahda’s “true agenda” is beginning to show. Other Ennahda party members state the Jbeli’s comments were taken out of context, but as this article suggests, even mentioning Caliphate is dangerous because it is often associated with hard line radicals. I think that it is too soon to tell what Ennahda plans for Tunisia, and whether Sharia law is something that might be enforced upon the country. Ennahda’s leader, Rached Ghannouchi is considered to be a moderate by some, but a fundamentalist by others. It is too early to tell what Ennahda’s plans are, as with all political parties and leaders, until they begin policy formation one can not truly know their intentions are.

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    Before making such a declaration Mr. Jbeli should think of the turistic season lost in 2010 and the 2012 almost gone. The realelections those which are going to decide the future of the Country will be at the end of 2012. En-Nhada should spend itstime to gouverne Tunisia and find the way to increase the growth and reduce the structural unemployment. All the rest are simply “foutaises” People do not eat the Coran and its principles. Religions remain opium ……

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