An Interview with Rachid Ghannouchi

This is an article from Foreign Policy Magazine that contains an interview with Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of the Ennahda party in Tunisia. I found this article/interview to be really interesting because there has been a lot of talk and speculation regarding how Ennahda will govern Tunisia. But Ghannouchi does a very good job at reassuring people that Ennahda will govern as a progressive, moderate party. Ghannouchi stresses the importance of having a coalition to write the consistituion because he doesn’t want the people of Tunisia to feel that they are in another position where there is only one ruling party dominating political life. Ghannouchi seems to grasp the importance of letting everyone’s voice be heard in the construction of Tunisia’s new constitutuion. I think this goes back to the idea of an earlier article I posted about “Can the West Learn to Love the Islamists”. In that article, it stressed that Islam and democracy can go hand in hand, and thus far, Ghannouchi has done very well at advocating this, and stressing that he and all of his party member believe in equal freedoms and rights between men and women, and that jihad is not the way to spread Islam around the world – this seems to be a main concern for the Western world. Listening to Ghannouchi, it is hard to disagree with his speaking points. In fact, Foreign Policy named him one of top 100 global thinkers of our time. But rights now, Ennahda and Ghannouchi are using just words, it is when these words are put into action that I will be able to make a better decision about Ennahda as the ruling party of Tunisia.

click here to read the article!


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