Tunisia: Stability and Reform in the Modern Maghreb

I recently read a book on Tunisia, called, Tunisia: Stability and Reform in the Modern Maghreb. It was extremely helpful on providing me with informaiton regarding Ennahda, or previously MTI during the Ben Ali regime. It has proved to be a difficult task to find information on Tunisia during the Ben Ali regime, but this book details the role of that Islam played in politics, and how both Bourguiba and Ben Ali exhausted their efforts in mainting that MTI and later Ennahda constituted illegal parties. This book also details Ben-Ali’s rise to power, and the changes he made to Tunisia once he became president. While some of his ojectives sound good such as women’s rights, he still ruled as an authoritarian. By the time of the revolution, Ben Ali couldn’t fix the high unemployment and food hikes. Even though Ben-Ali asserted some rights, he still imprisoned political members of oppossing groups, particuarly those of Ennahda. He also limited the freedom of the press and was guilty of mass corruption. This particular book describes what Tunisia was like under Ben-Ali and has proven to be a big help for me.

Unfortunately, I am not able to get the book, or its chapters online. But the Book is called, Tunisia: Stability and Reform in the Modern Maghreb by Christopher Alexander.


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