What is “Maghreb”?

Before I go into each country in the Maghreb region, I would like to talk about the region in North Africa known as the Maghreb.

Maghreb was the term denoted by Islamic conquerers to refer to the “west” of their conquests. The countries that comprise of the Maghreb are Morocco (including the disputed Western Sahara), Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. In the case of Francophone colonial rule, Libya and Mauritania are oftentimes excluded when referring to the region. In 1989, the Maghreb Union was formed, led by Muammar Qaddafi, but any cooperation since has been on frozen, mainly because of the Western Sahara dispute between Morocco and Algeria.

For the purposes of this blog, we will focus on the recent uprisings in the region, the “Arab Spring”, focusing on Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. In the upcoming posts, we will look at country histories, demographics, economies, culture and foreign relations. With this blog, we hope to shed light on a fascinating and rapid-changing area of the world.

References: http://www.maghreb-studies-association.co.uk plus my own knowledge 🙂